Managed services inquiry

Before we start, let’s set up a meeting so we can discuss your needs. We’ll also need login details so that we can audit your site before we start any managed service plan.

Managed service inquiry
This isn't required but it's great to know a little more about what you and your company do.

Site audit

Before we can help you to migrate to one of our managed services plans, we'll need to perform some checks to make sure that your site is in a state that's ready and suitable for transfer. This includes checking if your WordPress core files are updated, whether your theme and plugins are updated and still supported by the original developers, where there are any security issues or any crawl issues.

We'll set up a meeting with you to discuss any issues that we see and will send a proposal for any repairs that might need to be completed before the migration can begin.

Because the audit can take some time, there's an initial fee of $75 for us to start the audit. We'll hand you a report of the issues we find so that even if you decide not to go with us, you'll be able to take the report with you. If you pre-pay for a year of a managed service plan, we'll waive the audit fee unless you cancel your plan before the pre-paid duration is completed.

If everything looks good, we'll send a link back to this form for you to set up our monthly Site Care account.

Only after we've migrated your site, will we update the domain settings with your registrar. There is typically zero downtime for your website during the transition.

NOTE: We'll send a link to an invoice for the cost of the audit ($75) before we access your site for review.

WordPress login information

This is the URL that you use to access the dashboard of your site.
To gain access for our audit, you'll need to create an account for us with admin rights within WordPress. Please use the name "mtn-dev"
Please place the password for the new user account here.

Video call

Would you like to set a video call appointment now?
If you select Yes, you'll be able to set up an appointment directly in the form with that fits with your time schedule. Please note that the system requires 24 hours of notice but if you would like to talk sooner, let us know!