Ease your burden of maintenance with our manage services plan

Have your website ready to go but need some more help? As well as customized websites, our managed services for your website leaves us in charge of making sure everything is kept running smoothly.

We also offer branding services that include logos, letterheads, brochures, business cards and posters.

Managed services

Running your business takes a lot of time and effort and we want to help out as best as we can. With our managed services, you hand us the keys and we’ll keep your castle up and running, saving you from having to look at another hosting panel while you scratch your head.

Frequently asked questions regarding our managed service plans

We’ve compiled a short list of questions that you might have regarding our managed service plans. We’re also available to answer anything that you may have concerns about or need clarification regarding. We’ve got a chat function in the bottom right of your screen that you can use or if you would prefer, send us an email!

What do I need to get started with a managed service plan?

If we’ve designed your site for you… Awesome! You will have already been sent a contract that covers what is included in your service plan.


If that isn’t the case and you would like to migrate your site to us, there’s a few more steps before we take you on. First, we’ll need to check your site to make sure it’s suitable to be hosted with us. That includes checking that everything is up to date and there’s nothing fishy going on related to security.


If we think there’s anything that needs to be fixed before transferring in we’ll let you know what needs to be done, and let you know the pricing.


Once the transfer has happened, it’s just a case of logging into the registrar of your domain and pointing it towards the correct server. Generally, the migration can take up to 48 hours but is usually completed within a few and there’s typically no downtime when this happens.

Do I really need a managed service plan?

Our managed service plan is available to you so that you don’t need to be hands on with the more technical side of running a website. Does the idea of having to check constantly to see if everything is kept updated not how you want to spend your day? This is the service for you. We handle updates, backups and security checks so you can keep focused on your business.

Advanced service plans

Our managed service plans include 15 minute fixes but do you need something more hands on? Our advanced service plan is available so that you can have some extra help with whatever you need.


  • Edits to existing content or image hunting
  • Creating new pages or custom templates
  • Add new functions or forms
  • Fresh landing pages for a new service or product you’re offering


The hours are guaranteed time each month and are prepaid in 2 hour blocks so that we will definitely be available when needed. 


Please note that these hours do not roll over each month and will expire if not used. When purchased, we’ll make sure you are aware of how much time you have left for each period.


Does MTN Studio manage email accounts?

We do not host email accounts.


We can recommend either setting them up with either Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, both are well priced and offer a number of features that can benefit your business such as online storage, video conferencing, and access to various applications for creating documents.


We can help set these up for you but we don’t offer ongoing support for email accounts.

What's included in the audit before a managed service plan begins?

There’s a number of items that we look at before taking on your site. The site audit helps us to determine if there’s anything that needs to be taken care of so that hiccups don’t appear in the future and if there’s anything that needs to be fixed, we’ll let you know what steps need to be taken.


WordPress Core

  • What version of WordPress is your site currently running? Is it the most recent?


  • When was the last update completed for the theme?
  • Does it still have support from the original developer?
  • Do you have any inactive themes running?
  • Are you using a child-theme for any customizations if the base theme isn’t custom?


  • Are your plugins up to date?
  • Are there any plugins that aren’t supported by their developer but are needed by your site to keep running?
  • Do you have any inactive plugins or anything that is unnecessary?


  • Do you currently have a backup system in place?
  • Does the backup include the complete site or just a partial piece of it?
  • Is it saved locally or in an external location?


  • Do you have any security plugins enabled?
  • Do any accounts have “admin” as the username?
  • Has the login page been hidden?
  • When was the last time the site was scanned for issues?
  • Do you have any brute-force protection in place?
  • Does your system check for 404 errors?

Speed and optimization

  • Do you have any coding errors on the site?
  • Are you image optimized correctly or do you have unused images that can be removed?
  • Do you have any kind of caching in place?

Crawl errors

  • Do you have any custom status pages set up (404 errors)?
  • Do you have anything set up that’s checking for crawl issues?

The managed service plan just isn't working for me. What's next?

We’re sorry to hear that our service isn’t living up to your expectations. Get in touch and we’ll let you know what needs to take place for migration. We’ll pack up your site for you so you can take it to whichever host you like and will also inform you of any increased costs related to not having access to the MTN Toolkit of plugins. If you migrate away from our service we do not offer an extension of our Toolkit and you will have to renew any licenses that are in use from the Toolkit so that they use your own.

There are no refunds for the current month but anything further out beyond the next pay period,  we’ll offer a refund for if you prepaid in advance.

Basic managed service

We'll host your site and keep the lights on.
$50 / month
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Nightly backups
  • Malware and security scans
  • 15 minutes quick fixes
  • Your site kept up to date
  • Quick support response
  • MTN Toolkit access

Advanced managed service

Our managed service plus 2 hours of extra support
$130 / month
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Nightly backups
  • Malware and security scans
  • 15 minutes quick fixes
  • Your site kept up to date
  • Quick support response
  • MTN Toolkit access
  • 2 hours of guaranteed extra support

Please note: A fee of $75 is charged for the initial audit of your site as this takes a few hours and allows us to determine any issues with your site. You’ll be provided with a report of any issues that we find, should you decide not to go with our service. The Pro managed service plan has this fee refunded after 3 months of service.

Are you ready to discuss starting your managed service plan? Click the button below to let us know some more details.